Your Guide to Safe & Effective Psychedelic Therapy

We know the options for psychedelic therapy are challenging to navigate. We’re here to help you create a plan to guide you the entire way towards your healing goals.

Personalized treatments for depression, anxiety, & PTSD

It starts with a treatment plan tailored to your situation including mindfulness practice, prescription drug tapering, and comprehensive integration.


You are unique and your care team should be too. Get long-term results from a Psychedelic  Assisted Therapy care team matched to your situation. Our network is vetted for safety, legality, experience, and area of specialization in mental health.


Get maximum results & safety from Holo’s coordinated care model. Throughout your engagement, Holo is continuously planning, coordinating, and monitoring for your safety and positive health outcomes.

An Integrated Approach to Psychedelic Therapy Creates Lifelong Results

Psychedelics are a catalyst for growth and reconnecting to yourself and the world around you. Long-term change is reached when psychedelics are part of an integrated therapeutic process to support behavioral and lifestyle changes. 

Holo’s comprehensive program includes education in mind-body tools like Yoga, QiGong, Meditation, & Breathwork to help you discover and strengthen your internal ability to self-manage your Mental Health

How it Works

Initial Consultation

During our first call, we gain an understanding of your situation, background and goals.  We then provide you with a plan, with pricing, that includes protocol recommendations for a three phase approach: preparation, medicine experience, and an extensive integration phase. We also introduce you to at least two vetted providers we feel would fit your situation, style and experience level.

Personalized Treatment Plan

After you select your Holo care team, we finalize your wellness plan including session content, dates and locations of all sessions, including medicine experience logistics. Holo also coordinates with your existing medical providers as needed.

Holo Support

From the first day of your program to post-program support, Holo is continuously planning, coordinating, and monitoring for your safety and positive health outcomes.

Transformation is Possible

Discover success stories and the science behind them

LSD has had a bad wrap… but it was given to humanity during its darkest hours during the second world war. It is an urban medicine and …It is a beautiful, powerful medicine for those of use conditioned in cities. For those overwhelmed by anxiety and by this Western life that we have…

“I experienced a dual set of benefits. One was a rewriting of my brain…and I generally felt better…coupled with the ability to see in the moment of a situation that I could act differently. …I could feel in the moment, “Is that who I want to be, is that how I want to react?” So you can shift those interactions that can significantly shift your day…It is like giving the little angel on your shoulder a bullhorn.”

Getting Started is Easy

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