About Us

Holo is a mental wellness company that supports our clients to navigate the new landscape of psychedelic-assisted therapies with comprehensive, tailored and coordinated care.  

 “10 % of the work is done by the medicine, 90% is what you do with the insights in your life” Carlos A. MD, Founder of Ibogaine Aftercare center in MX.

 Mission: We believe it is not just preparing for your journey, but the aftercare, the integration work and the support through all your psychedelic care that is the Holo Difference. Our networks spans group therapy/ integration, multiple medicinal compounds, mindfulness techniques, breathwork, somatic therapies, and much more. 

 Values: Through the power of psychedelics and other therapies, Holo helps its clients address the root cause of their suffering and supports a transformation/ new understanding of their challenges into an entirely new reality. By combing neuroscience, informed by addiction recovery models and alternative mental health therapeutics, we guide our clients to and through the intelligence of plant medicines. Holo focuses on restoring well-being, reigniting self-knowledge and inspiring transformational growth.


Integrative Health

We are guided by a rich and eclectic background in Psychology, Neuroscience and Healthcare.  Because of our experience in the traditional models, we wanted to support the psychedelic industry to thrive with a new coordinated care model. Our founders have extensive personal and professional experience in psychedelics and have walked the hard-won path in order to make it easier for the next generation.   


Holo is committed to protecting your privacy. We honor this sacred trust before, during and after your Holo experience.

Safety is a fundamental principle of all Holo’s programming and services. Our therapeutic staff comprises professionals with designations from recognized licensing bodies.

Our Pledge

Meet Our Team

Kimberly Adams, Co-Founder

Kimberly came to psychedelics while receiving her Transpersonal/ Humanistic Psychology Degree at Sonoma State University. Her professors came from the 1st wave in the 60’s experimenting with the therapeutic power of entheogens. She came to working with Psychedelics personally, in 2013 and then professionally in 2017 with The SF Psychedelic Society, as part of the founding team of Decriminalize Nature Oakland. She founded LYTMind.com in 2020, a service model to support psychedelic-assisted recovery, supporting clients to find their path to Ibogaine-supported detox, an inspiration for the expanded work of Holo.

Jim Mandas, Co-Founder

Jim has spent the last 25 years working across small start-ups and fortune 500 companies. His broad experience includes B2C, Customer Experience,  and strategic growth initiatives. In 1993 he co-founded Trellis, a software consulting firm. In 2002, Jim co-founded Vistabella, a Costa Rica-based real estate development company. Jim has over 12 years of experience in Healthcare, serving as Director and Strategic Advisory roles.  He holds a BS in Business from Cal Poly Pomona. Jim is an experienced meditation and yoga practitioner.