Psychedelic Assisted Therapies

Psychedelic Assisted Therapies: Comprehensive, Tailored,  & Coordinated.

Our Psychedelic assisted therapies (PAT) are supported by neuroscience research, evidence-based practices, and the extensive experience of our multi-disciplined network. Each Holo PAT treatment is tailored to your specific needs and include a personal assessment, preparation, medicine experience, and extensive Integration.

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy: Sample Program For Depression

Screening and Treatment Planning: 3 hours

After you complete a comprehensive assessment, Holo matches your needs and preferences to specialized providers in our vetted network. Our Psychiatrist will create a plan to wean you off antidepressants.  Holo handles all sales and scheduling of treatments. Holo provides coordination of care throughout your entire treatment process to maximize outcomes, safety, and experience.

Psychedelic Integration Preparation: 4-6 hours

You’ll attend several integration preparation sessions to educate you and prepare you to confidently undergo your macro medicine experience.

  • How to set your intention to cultivate a receptive, expansive mindset, & how to navigate the experience.
  • Breathwork & meditation
  • Psychedelic medicine education
  • Planning and review of your drug tapering plan (if required).
Medicine Experience: 8-16 hours

Holo will coordinate all details leading up to the day of your medicine experience, allowing you to focus on looking inward for a rewarding and healing experience. This phase will be in the comfort of your home, a therapist location or on a private retreat (subject to legality and availability in your area). To maximize safety and outcomes, Holo performs a check-in call the day before and after your medicine experience.

Holo’s provider network has experience with the following medicines: Ayahuasca, Psilocybin Mushrooms, LSD, Ibogaine, DMT, MDMA.

Psychedelic Integration & Aftercare: 8+ hours

Your integration schedule includes weekly remote sessions to help you make sense of your experiences, leverage your receptive neural pathways, and turn your insights into an actionable plan to break through life’s roadblocks. Longer term options are available (in-patient & ongoing in-person or remote support).

***Please note that this sample program is one phase in your journey. Many clients find that they need additional phases or extended services to address the behavioral patterns in their daily lives that were in place as coping strategies in their life before their work with Holo. We continue to follow up and support you long after your first phase is complete to ensure you have access to care and support through out your healing process.



Holo’s approach to psychedelic assisted therapy is to provide a comprehensive, integrated and coordinated treatment. A one-time psychedelic experience can provide significant insight, but long-term growth requires learning new skills with the support of qualified specialists. Each treatment consists of a minimum of 25 hours with our practitioners and specialists. Our goal is to provide new skills, habits, and approaches, to manage your mental health.


People need tailored psychedlic assisted therapies that leverage multi-disciplined specialists vs. cookie-cutter approaches. Our diverse and vetted network includes a range of providers from psycho-spiritual to clinical and a range in between. This capability enables Holo to provide you with tailored options based on your preferences and needs.

Coordinated Care

Coordination of care throughout a psychedelic assisted therapy is critical to ensure safety and quality controlled health outcomes. Holo walks you through finding what is right for your goals and how psychedelic assisted therapy (PAT) can support your situation. We offer an in-depth evaluation of where you are now, prepare your mind and body for a psychedelic experience and offer extensive aftercare and ongoing support.

Who We Work With

 We work with a wide variety of clients from those with acute to chronic trauma-based challenges. Many clients are seeking alternatives to pharmaceutical interventions for depression, anxiety, and other diagnoses that have not responded to traditional treatments.

How We Work With You

Holo’s team meets you where you are and helps you to find what is right for your goals and how psychedelic assisted therapy (PAT) can support you. An engagement with Holo may last a few months to a few years. It is up to your needs, goals and success.

The process of change is cyclical rather than linear. As we find new ways of approaching our world, our world changes and our response to it does as well. The goal of the work with psychedelic experiences is to open a door to look at life from a different vantage point. Then, from the place, create new responses to events and habits in our lives.